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» Case one for aluminium Die-casting mould
» Case two for aluminium Die-casting mould
» Case one for plastic mould
» Case two for plastic mould
» Case three for plastic mould
» Parts for medical use
» Automotive accessories
» Aluminium part casting
» Part for epoxy resin

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Quality Assurance

The measuring equipment
(1) three-coordinates measuring machine
(2) video- measuring machine
(3) projection apparatus
(4) other measuring tool in common use

The method for quality control
(1)Every working procedure must be self-check and special inspection
(2)Allowed to be delivered the next procedure after inspecting the parts at this procedure.
(3)The electrode should be qualified before processing on the EDM machine tool
(4) Every part should be checked by the quality control
department before assembling
(5) Pivotal part inspected by three-coordinates measuring machine
(6) The hardness for main components should be checked after heat treatment
(7)Roughness for the polishing part and the electrode should be inspected

Quality improvement for staff
(1) The staff should be seized of consciousness of zero-defection for client product
at any time
(2) Every month the staff should be trained (3) The quality department is responsible for improving the quality defection

Design should be once in place
(1) Amalgamat Euramerican logos of design into our's
(2) the confirmation for the mould structure should analyzed and judged by expert

The processing should be once in place
(1) All employees being in position should be trained
(2) Possessing a whole set of modern equipments, such as CNC Milling, CNC Lathing,
Electrical Discharge Machining(EDM), Computer-aided plastic machine to realize the whole
processing by machining and keep the quality of mould.


Shanghai Caold Precise Mould Company  Tel:+86-21-58151619/18918182999  Fax:+86-21-58151659
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